Women in Power- Julie Zuckerberg

Entrepreneurs want a successful business, and this cannot be achieved if the organization does not have competitive staff. A competitive employee means they are well skilled have vast knowledge in the field they are dealing with, and are excellent customers’ servants. It can be one of the most daunting tasks to recruit a qualified team of staff members. Some organizations, as well as individuals, have noticed the gap and the struggle other firms undergo during recruitments and are now offering the staffing services.

Julie Zuckerberg is one of the most famous recruiters in the United States. Julie has been serving as a recruiter for many years and had a vast experience in the industry. She began her career working at Hudson staffing and recruiting. When at Hudson, Julie was responsible for placing candidates for various positions including attorneys, paralegals, support staffing, and case managers for law firms in the country. Julie worked at Hudson for five years from 2002-2007 where she gained experience. In 2007 she moved into the financial industry and began working at Business Citi.

Julie Zuckerberg is one hard working woman, and she is committed to whatever service she undertakes. At Citi, she was elected the Vice President and Recruiter. She was responsible for staffing as well as conducting training and educating clients on the services the organization offered including the Citi card. Julie continued to climb the career ladder, and in 2003 she joined one of New York’s insurance companies, New York Life Insurance Company where she was nominated as the Vice President and the Senior Recruiter for the insurance firm.

Julie Zuckerberg is passionate about her work and services she has been offering since she began her career as a talent recruiter. She is the Executive Talent Acquisition Lead at Deutsche Bank. Her current position offers her an opportunity to connect with other private leaders in the commercial sector, global technology, and asset management field. The connection with the individual leaders is to an emphasis on the talent acquirement plans with the aim of improving the staffing process. Julie is a leader who over the years has portrayed positive leadership skills, and the leadership skills have offered him a unique opportunity of leading the conciliation and the development of executive levels which lead to material risk takers and the investors. Her vast experience in the industry offers an opportunity to advice other leaders and managers on the best employment methods, and how to attract top and diverse talent.

After she had graduated from High School, Julie joined City University of New York-Brooklyn College where she studied Philosophy and the New York Law School. Julie is also talented in other management areas including conflict resolution, planning, human resource, applicant tracking system, coaching, staff training, as well as succession strategy.

Other than her recruiting services Julie loves art, food, running, technology and photography. Julie lives in Manhattan and when she is not working she is doing what she loves doing when free.