Wikipedia for your Business

The article “Exam” by Chris Havergal details the new approach a University has implemented with their students to replace the typical essay or sit down exam. The University has experimented with having their students create a Wikipedia page instead. The theory behind this idea is that students are less motivated to write the same default assessment task; they are instead more creative and motivated to write something with an online lifespan and potential readership. The task is measurable because they can see how many readers their Wikipedia business page creation can attract and in addition the students are asked to perform oral presentations of their work to help further explain their entries.

This same ideology applies to make a Wiki page for ones own business. Motivated and well informed Wikipedia editors will create a thoughtful and appealing page that is respected and credible. Using a resource such as the Wikipedia editing company Get Your Wiki will provide the business with knowledgeable and experienced Wiki experts for hire that can create a website personalized for your business. It is used for information about your business and can also be linked to positive articles concerning your business. The authenticity and branding created from having a Wikipedia page for your business will drive productivity with increased sales and give the business an online identity when consumers are searching your products. Digital literacy is a necessity in today’s marketing strategies; let Get Your Wiki keep your business in the forefront.

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  1. Filsaime Brian Post author

    Their is a sense of entitlement for the students to know their work isn’t just marked up by a professor, but instead readily available as relevant information online. Wikipedia is always one of the first sites that will come up when using any major search engine. I would also make sure that essay services could do a lot for them to understand.

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