Who is Dr. Mark McKenna?

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The medical industry is one of the most prestigious. Being high-paying, it also means that the industry only selects the best. Therefore, if you want to make to the top of this industry, you have to be ready for some serious competition. But, men like Dr. Mark McKenna have beaten all odds to become the top men in that industry.

  1. Mark McKenna is a licensed doctor. He is licensed by the Florida and Georgia states’ medical boards to practice surgery and medicine. To McKenna, surgery and medicine is more than just a career. He is genuinely passionate about helping his clients.

To make such great strides in the industry, his education background has been a major player. McKenna is a graduate of Tulane University Medical School. This is where he acquired the required knowledge to be a great doctor.

After completing his education, McKenna began practicing medicine at his father’s practice. Along with building his medicine career, McKenna began a real estate venture. He was to call the real estate company McKenna Real Estate Venture. A few years later, he acquired his Universal Mortgage Lending and Uptown Title, Inc. Today, his company employs more than 50 employs and continues to grow by the day.

Other than business, McKenna is an active Philanthropist. He was involved in the rebuilding of the New Orleans city after it was destroyed by the Hurricane Katrina. He was inspired to help by the fact that many of his business interest were destroyed by the hurricane and also because some of his employees and clients were affected. He donated to the rebuilding cause by rebuilding low income homes.

Following the Katrina, McKenna relocated to Atlanta to begin a medical practice. In the year 2017, McKenna founded OVME, an elective healthcare. He started the company to fill a gap that he had noted in the aesthetics medical industry.

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