Whitney Wolfe Reluctantly Revolutionizes The Dating App Industry In The Midst Of Plans To Abandon Dating App Environment

Whitney Wolfe could have stopped her involvement with the female-first dating app that is now known as Bumble, but people would have missed a lot if she stopped short of her dream. With 30 million users it is safe to say that this is an app that has exceeded expectations. Some might even say that the app has exceeded the expectations of the woman that created it.

When people think of Whitney Wolfe and they find the history behind her time at Tinder they may call this initial connection to Tinder lightning in a bottle. This is a phrase that is often used to capture something that comes once in a lifetime. If Whitney Wolfe would have stopped her connection to dating apps after her departure from Tinder no one would have questioned this description of Wolfe. If she did not work on another dating app there would be nothing there so dispute this labeling of the young Southern Methodist University graduate. With the growth of Bumble, however, there is no way to box Whitney Wolfe in as a “lightning in a bottle” type of entrepreneur. She defied the odds, and if she created lightning in a bottle the first time around with Tinder it is safe to say that she has managed to gather up lightning and thunder this time around with Bumble.

It is rare for someone to do much at one company and leave to start up another company that competes directly against the company she left. The difference here is that Wolfe is running the ship this time around. Her role as co-founder and vice president of marketing gave her a feel of what she would experience, but it was actually her link – and inevitable disconnect – from her boyfriend that would ignite the flames to Bumble.

What Wolfe would discover is that she was the game changer. Tinder was a good start to dating apps, but Whitney Wolfe would unwittingly revolutionize the dating app community. This was a community that she almost abandoned for another social media app called Merci that she was working on. This is where she had her mind. This is where she wanted to put her stamp on social media for women. This would be delayed by because Andrey Andreev – cofounder of Badoo – would help Wolfe see the need to consider a dating app. He would push her to start a revolutionary app.

Source: https://techcrunch.com/2018/05/13/whitney-wolfe-herd-bumbles-founder-doesnt-care-what-shes-supposed-to-do/