Whitney Wolfe Is Empowering Women With Bumble

Dating apps are designed to stay on the internet, right? Wrong! With Bumble, that is no longer the case. Bumble, the popular dating app that so many young people absolutely love, is now opening a physical location. This place, in New York, is called The Hive, and it is going to be a meetup location for people who use the app and other young people who are fans.

The place is designed after the Bumble brand, with the same logos and designs. In fact, Bumble is also considering opening an app called BumbleBizz. This will allow people who want to network for professional and social reasons a way to meet people even if they are not necessarily looking for a date.

Not only will people be able to hang out and meet other people at The Hive, but there will be events and other happenings that will focus on relationships on female entrepreneurship.

The Hive will have a bar and a place to get coffee. They will even sell merchandise with the Bumble brand on it. However, all proceeds will go only to charity.

Bumble is one of the most popular dating apps, especially with young people. Bumble was founded by Whitney Wolfe. She founded it nine months after she left Tinder, which she also co-founded.

When using Bumble, users see pictures of people, and they can also see some background information about them. They can swipe right if they like them and swipe left if they do not. Essentially, it works similarly to Tinder. However, there is one major difference. With Bumble, women are the ones who have to make the first chat. Otherwise, the chat will expire after 24 hours. Whitney Wolfe said that this empowers women. Previously, it was up to the men to make the first move. That was just what society decided, but it was really not the best thing for women. If they wanted to be empowered and talk to a guy, they were looked on as desperate. Whitney Wolfe is changing that with her new app.

Whitney Wolfe was named as the 30 Most Important Women Under 30 In Tech by Business Insider. She studied in Southern Methodist University. She started her first business when she was 19.