US Money Reserve Places New Features On Improved Website

Customers looking to buy gold an silver have even more to enjoy now at US Money Reserve’s new website, a renovation project they undertook a little over a year ago. US Money Reserve is one of the largest precious metals sales companies in the world and they have some of the rarest numismatics in their catalog.

Visitors can now see even more details about these items at the new and improved website and browse through high definition photo galleries of different gold and silver commemorative coins. To understand why US Money Reserve has gone to these lengths to promote its products, it’s necessary to understand their mission statement.

The company’s mission is to help people understand the necessity of buying gold or silver. Whether you have investments in traditional funds or simply a bank account, paper currencies can lose their value and experience unsteadiness during political turmoil or bear markets. When that happens, many big banks start buying gold and silver to back their currencies, and the demand for precious metal assets rises.

Investors should be prepared for this by buying gold and silver while the time is right, and having these assets can diversify your portfolio. US Money Reserve has active streams from Wall Street about the current price of precious metals. Learn more about US Money Reserve:

What does US Money Reserve have that most other gold and silver sales companies don’t? Leadership from a former US Mint Director, Philip N. Diehl who has spent years dealing with gold and silver prices and understands all the intrinsic values of coins.

Diehl enacted the Sacagawea gold dollar and the 50 States Quarter program while serving at the Mint, and his technical team’s ecommerce website helped generate billions in profit to the department. His attention to details and deep understanding of the precious metal market is what prompted US Money Reserve to bring him onboard in 2001.

According to Crunchbase, US Money Reserve has free information that investors can look into for beginning in buying gold and silver, and completing IRA transfers. Their knowledge center also has charts on the historic prices of the precious metals and the direction in which they’re headed. For investors who need extra assistance finding the kinds of precious metal products they want, or who need help making purchases, Client-Connect Advantage is where representatives will guide them at each step. If you’re interested in learning more about investing or transferring your IRA, visit