The success of media personality Clayton Hutson

Clayton Hutson is a famous and successful person in the music industry from Nashville, Tennessee. He works as a production manager and also manages celebrities’ performance tours. His work is unrivaled and he the most sort after in the entertainment arena.

He is a Fine Arts graduate from Central Michigan University majoring in Theatre Design and Technical Production. Clayton also studied a master’s degree in Business Administration from the same university. After his studies, he started his career in music production. He was employed by Getagrip Touring in 1999 as the manager in charge of production. In 2001, he earned a position at Ronin Event Creative where he served as the vice president.

His expansive career has helped him work closely with Billy Graham. Several companies and celebrities have also benefitted from his service. In fact, Clay worked as a production manager for Prince and Jennifer Nettles. Furthermore, Kanye West once hired him as a stage manager a job he did perfectly. In addition, pop stars including Pink, Kid Rock, Garbage and, Guns N’ Roses have also hired him in the past.

An idea to invest in the entertainment industry struck his mind due to his immense success. The idea came with nostalgic desire for rock ‘n’ roll, a genre he practiced in his earlier days. He established his own company and started focusing on managing live tours, producing music and designing. Clayton has enough knowledge in live performances and stage management thanks to his prior experience.

Clayton Hutson has been hired by Halsey to manage ’Hopeless Fountain Kingdom’ tour. This project involves tours across big metropolis such as Las Vegas, Jakarta, Indianapolis, Montreal, London, Singapore, Buenos Aires and more. The performances will be held in renowned amphitheaters and parks all over the world. Halsey will perform alongside a number of artists especially ladies in the music industry such as Jessie Reyez, Niki, and Lauren Jauregui.

His success in the industry comes from the best service he offers to his customers. He believes in determination and puts a lot of effort into his work which helps him achieve most of his goals. Mostly, he ensures that he is the leader in the market. Clayton invests a lot in innovation and technological advancements. He is fascinated by acrobatics and aerial stunts which keep advancing and changing on a daily basis. According to him, he would choose a talented and responsible person at work instead of a well-behaved staff who is incompetent. His business has grown mainly due to his online platforms such as Facebook and Instagram but clients referrals are his main source of customers.

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