The duties of Mike Baur

Mike Baur is an entrepreneur who runs a private company. He is the Co-Founder and currently the CEO of Swiss Startup Factory found in Zurich, Switzerland. The company plays an important role in financing other smaller businesses and organizations in sourcing capital for their start-up. The company was formed in 2014 by Mike Baur together with other two associates. Since inception, significant growth has been noted through increased customer base and capital gains. The company has 43 offices across Europe, South America, and North America.

Who is Mike Baur?


Baur has MBA from the University of Rochester New York. He also has an executive MBA from the University of Berne. After completing his studies, he joined the Swiss Private Banking industry where he has worked for 20 years. The interaction with many customers helped him gain managerial skills and learning new opportunities which are available to invest in. After 20 years of working as an executive board member in Swiss banking, he left to start his new entrepreneurial ventures. The Swiss Startup Factory was formed in 2014 with his close associates.


What leads to the formation of Swiss Startup Factory?

Mike Baur understood the challenges entrepreneurs face when they are staying up businesses. The formation of this company was to aid new entrepreneurs in sourcing capital for office location, mentoring, coaching the staff, and creating reliable investor network. The factory has been useful in assisting many investors across the three continents and is looking to improve operations in coming years.

The role of Mike Baur

  • Providing capital

The main role played by Mike Baur was financing and fundraising the initial capital which was necessary to start the investments in the company. Contributions from savings and the other co-founders was essential in ensuring the firm can start its operations as soon as possible. The money has since earned interest and grown to a multi-million investment.

  • Managerial services

The CEO of a company is tasked with various duties in managing the business operations. All investment actions about the company are done after approval by Mike Baur. The success can be attributed to being skills and experience in accountability and proper asset management. He is also a believer of tea work and constantly organizes team building forums for all members.