The Chainsmokers Release New Tracks And Make Bigger Hits Than Previous Singles

For fans of the Chainsmokers, they might feel like the band has been out for sometime and making headlines however the truth of the matter is, the duo has been on the charts for the last 2 years. They first entered into the Top 10 charts back in 2015. From there, the band went on to release single after single, working hard to maintain their success while trying to come up with new ways to impress their fans.

The fans of the Chainsmokers realized early on that the band was happiest when mixing things up a bit. For the band, they knew that they would one day want to perform for their fans with their music letting others in on how their lives are. The new music that they released on their latest album allowed for this to happen.

With the release of the “Sick Boy” track, fans were able to relate to the band on a more personal note. The music was unlike any other of the music that they had released and was said to be on a darker side than what the band was used to. The “Roses” track was the first single that broke out into the top 10 billboard hits. The Chainsmokers is more than just a band, the members are also producers who know what people like.

With the pressure on, the Chainsmokers knew that the singles to follow behind “Roses” were going to have to live up to the expectation that “Roses” lived up to. The duo knew that with a little hard work, they could easily reach the stars once more.

While the music by the duo has changed to a darker tune, they were sure that they would be bringing their fans along for the ride however most of their fans were already there. The duo worked hard to ensure that they were moving onto the next phase in their album making by mixing electronic genre music with the pop style that most people craved from the Chainsmokers. The album release was awaited for by the fans of the Chainsmokers and soon after the release, they broke into the top album charts.