The Agony Of Losing Steve Murray A Great Private Equity Investor

CCMP Capital colleagues still mourn the loss of their great chief executive officer and president of the company. The firm lost him to health related problems, and he later passed on in March 2015. His colleagues and associates still miss his presence and his active participation in the management of the company. The current chairperson who took his chief executive officer position Greg remembers his great qualities. He recalls how a terrific investor he was and a great deal maker; in addition he spent his entire career in private equities and understood all matters of buyouts.

Steve Murray co-founded CCMP Capital in the association of JP Morgan back then it was known as Chase Capital Partners. He works at Manufacturers Hanover Corporation before CCMP Capital, but the firm holds the heritage of CCMP Capital. Steve Murray passed on at the age of 52 years according to leaving 4 children and is wife Tammy Murray. He participated in board membership of Boston College where he is an alumnus of with a degree in Economics. Murray had also earned an MBA degree in Business Administration from Columbia Business School. CCMP Capital remembers how he was fond of his family and a great philanthropist. Before his passing, he sat for the board meetings of Jetro JMDH Holdings, LLP Hospital Group, Crestcom International, and Strongwood Insurance Holdings. He was a guru in private equities and financial investments; it is sad that he did not tag long enough to pursue more of the industry.

CCMP Capital gained its independence as a private equity firm in 2006. Steve Murray was its president, but he preceded Jeff Walker. The firm has a heritage with other companies including, Chase Capital Partners, Chemical Ventures, Manufactures Hanover Corporation and partners. Its holdouts are in a variety of divisions from retails, industries, chemicals and healthcare. Since its inception in 1984 CCMP Capital has achieved a great global position in comparison to its competitors in private equities and buyouts.

The whole of CCMP Capital is greatly saddened by the passing of their longtime colleague and president but grateful that he left a great legacy. CCMP Capital is also very stable to handle clients with its deep industry expertise; it has continuously pursued global ventures and added more investors to its team. Its legacy is great and looks to doing more of improvement with Greg Brenneman the new chief executive officer and chairperson of the company. The firm’s reputation and the world’s top class investors is an aspect to reckon with because it is good and commendable.

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    Murray also participated in the success of the previous predecessor firms of CCMP Capital. The firm is sad that he succumbed to illness. The firm handles over $16 billion buyouts thanks to the great team of management with top-notch industrial expertise. It is also important that have a recorder next to them to make the review worthwhile.

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