Staying Involved with Newswatch TV Review

Today arguably more than ever it is important to stay up to date with the news. Newswatch is helping people to do just that. Since debuting in 1989 the company has grown with more than 1,200 episodes being aired. It is a weekly show airing for 30-minutes in more than 200 markets across the United States. There is not a specific story they lean towards, covering a wide range of topics from fashion and tourism to health and business issues. About 50 employees help to organize the show: hosting celebrities and major companies, getting the inside scoop of the story. Newswatch TV just reported on a new story. Many people today have cancelled their cable and have signed up for a cheaper and more convenient streaming service such as Netflix, or Hulu. Walmart wants a piece of that money and is considering setting up a streaming service of their own. Their plan is to have the cheapest pricing or make it free all together by sustaining the company through advertisers. It is an ambitious idea for anyone, but a power house retail boss like Walmart might just be able to pull it off. Already owning Vudu, a smaller competitor, the company already has access to a library of more than 5,000 TV series and 18,000 movies. A good start to any streaming company, however, it is still unknown if they plan to create their own series and follow in Netflix’s successful footsteps. Walmart could be the company to copy Netflix and get away with it loot and all. Without Newswatch TV sharing this type of story no one would even know about it until Walmart actually did it. Now everyone is free to share their opinions and get excited about what the future could hold, thanks to Newswatch TV.

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