Securus Technologies Transforming the Prison Environment

Securus Technologies Incorporation is a prison technology company. The company is based in Dallas in the United States. Securus also has regional offices in Atlanta, Georgia, Carrolton, and Allen. It was founded in 1985. Apart from serving in the United States, Securus also operates in Canada. The company offers its services to over 2,200 correctional facilities in the two countries. Securus currently serves more than 1,200,000 inmates in the North American region. It offers both criminal and civil justice technology solutions.


Securus Technologies offers several services to the correctional services. These include emergency response services, incident management, information management and inmate self-services. The services have promoted safety in the facilities as well as public safety in the societies. The services have also been helpful in collecting and disseminating real-time information necessary for the execution of mobile laws in the penitentiaries.


The investigative tools have played important roles in carrying out investigations on incidences that pose threats to correctional facilities’ security. The reporting data, on the other hand, has facilitated monitoring and combating the use of contraband materials in the penitentiaries. Most of the correctional services have been relying on the products offered by Securus Technologies. The company has over the years transformed the prison environment and has helped security personnel to main security inside and outside the prisons.


Monitoring of inmate calls has also assisted in investigations involving the presence of alcohol and drugs in the facilities. Moreover, threats and suspicious calls have enabled the facilities to strengthen their security measures. Securus’ LBS software in conjunction with other relevant resources from law enforcers has helped law enforcers in recovering illegal assets, money as well as drugs. The software which works best when used together with Investigator Pro has simplified work for law enforcers and has made Securus a major communication provider in the industry.