Securus Technologies improves communication Inmates with their families using Videos

Securus Technologies is a leading providing of technology related solutions that ensure there is increased in speed investigation; public safety and also prisons are well monitored. The most recent application that involves the video visitation by the loved ones has taken the industry by storm. The video visitation app that can be found on Google play and also on the App Store is very powerful in its functionalities.

Securus Technologies is a company that has been involved in offering solutions to inmates and prisons in regards to security and also communication with the families of the prisoners. It has offered solutions to the industry and it is making the inmates feel that they are at home by using such services. Instead of going to the prison to visit a incarcerated family member the family members will now be able to communicate through the vimeo connection that makes visitation easier.

The Securus mobile application can be found on both smart phones and tablets and all the products that are associated with Apple Inc. Those include iPhones, iPads, and iPod touches. The app was launched in February and as reported by PR Newswire it had been downloaded 60, 000 times, that shows how quick and faster the application has been accepted in the market. It is the best way of connecting family and friends and making the inmates feel that they are home indirectly.

The app will enable the family members to celebrate the most memorable events (Watch campaign here: such as birthdays, anniversaries, holidays and sporting events whenever they have the chance. The app is also able to allow the users to sync visiting dates, receive notifications and for the oncoming visits and they can be able to test whether it cannot connect to Wi-Fi or not. It reduces the need for web cameras, secured computers and other hardware that are supposed to be used by the application id used on a desktop.