Securus Technologies Continues on its Path to Facility Enhancements

Securus Technologies, the company connecting inmates with friends, family and now many other services, has announced the acquisition of GovPayNet. This company has been in business for well over 20 years. Adding to the list of services to be provided under the Securus umbrella, its primary purpose has been to help those needing to pay fees such as for impounded vehicles, court costs, bail and so on. Adding to the already existing Securus acquisition of JPay, the company will have a full range of payment services under its belt.


The company of Securus Technologies has been in business since 1986. Having changed names and functions over the years, its primary purpose has always been to provide communications solutions to inmates, their families, corrections staff, and everyone else involved in the process. The company has recently undertaken initiatives to make facilities safer for everyone. Using technology, contraband cellular phones, and other items have been on the decrease, and monitoring and other technology have been on the increase. Adding to the list of services already provided, tablets with educational software and even courses that can be taken while serving time have been added to aid the inmates in their return to the outside world. These types of tools help decrease the return rate of inmates and give them a far better opportunity once they return to “normal” life.


Securus Technologies serves more than 1.2 million inmates and works with 3.450 agencies across the country. They’ve pioneered much technology, and have also worked to reduce communications costs to an affordable level for the incarcerated and their families. They also provide many other services like video visitation, email, voicemail and other services that help them stay connected. Securus Technologies efforts have also led to a decrease in criminal activity within the facilities themselves with not only the inmates, but officials who are acting unethically as well. With such recent advancements, it will be interesting to see what Securus Technologies has in store next.