Ross Abelow Plans to Make Future Summers Bright for Homeless Animals in New York City

The mortality rate of homeless animals is higher during summer in the New York City. Many animals are unable to withstand the extremely low temperatures during the summer months. Those that survive are left weak and they develop complications. The city has a limited number of shelters to accommodate the high numbers of homeless animals. A longtime resident and prominent attorney of New York City has come forward to provide solutions and end the suffering of the homeless animals. Ross Abelow has launched a fundraiser aimed at raising $5000 to support the construction of shelters to address the homeless animals’ issues.

The funds will enable the shelters to pay for food, purchase blankets, and medications for the vulnerable animals. Each year, many vulnerable animals are left out in harsh conditions because of limited space and financial resources. Additionally, the animals will be vaccinated from diseases that are rampant during the winter season.

Ross Abelow seeks contributions from animal lovers to support his efforts of helping vulnerable animals live a comfortable life free from diseases. You can contribute with as little as $10. For more information, you can visit the GoFundMe page. Abelow has an active Facebook account he uses to connect with clients. He can answer queries via his Facebook page.

Background information on Rose Abelow

Rose Abelow is a prominent attorney registered to represent clients in New York City. He is an alumnus of the University of New York holding a Law Degree. He attended Brooklyn Law School and successfully passed the board administered certification examination. He has specialized in diverse fields such as family law, matrimony, litigation, and entertainment law. He has handled different type of cases for the twenty-five years he has served in the law industry.

Currently, he operates as a partner at the Abelow & Cassandra, a law firm based in New York City. He is an all-around individual who has managed to establish himself as a talent writer. He writes informative articles that handle the topic of finance and ligation matters. Abelow uses his education to ensure every person in the community is informed about his or her rights. Currently, he is spearheading a GoFundMe Campaign aimed at raising funds to increase the number of shelters and equip them with facilities necessary to take care of the homeless animals.

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