Rodrigo Terpins in Business and Off-road Rally Driving

In Brazil, the sports pf off-road rally driving is a widely popular one, and it has a very strong community around it. The Sertoes Rally that happens every year for one full week rings thousands of people together from across he country and abroad as well.

One of the most common faces at the Sertoes rally are Rodrigo Terins and Michel Terpins. The two brothers make up the Bull Sertoes Rally Team and have been taking part in the off-road rally for many years. Our of the two brothers, Michel Terpins, has been taking part in the rally a lot more often than his older brother but Rodrigo Terpins will e having his tenth run at the Sertoes Rally next year. Check out for more.

The Sertoes rally is such a big deal because it is one f the largest event of its kind in the country, and it attracts so many people. For pilots in off-road rally driving, the Sertoes Rally is their chance in the year to show up and demonstrate the progression of their skills. The rally spread across 3 000 km. Drivers are faced with a variety of terrains that switch up every year.

Rodrigo Terpins started his career over twenty years ago. He used to work in the industry of retail and, so he is a part of the Control Block of the Marisa Stores and is one of the founders of the Brazilian Textile Retail Asociation. Other aspects of the professional career of Rodrigo Terpins involves his work in sustainability. Rodrigo is one of the partners serving at Floresvale. It is a company working in the field of environmental reforestation.

The businessman started establishing a career in off-road ally driving because of his passion for intense experiences, sports, and the outdoors. Both Rodrigo Terpins and his younger brother inherited their passion for sports from his father who is a former professional basketball player and is now working in the business sector.

Rodrigo Terpins started out in radical motoring. He has been racing in the motorcycle category for Prototype T and often he also races with a car.

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