Rocketship Education Includes Parent Input in the Classroom

The unique experience that students and their parents get at Rocketship Education charter schools is astounding. As is the case for most schools, as a parent, you don’t generally know who is going to be teaching your student for the year ahead very far in advance – if at all before the first day of school. While this may be something that most people can write off as just the way things are, Rocketship Education charter schools actually allow just the opposite for those parents who would like to know. Parents will actually get to have a say in the choosing process for who will be teaching their kids, months before the first day of school even starts.

Rocketship Education runs 13 schools currently. In each school, it’s nothing new to allow parents of the children they will be teaching to participate in the hiring process for their new teachers. This is for when new teachers are hired at their new chains, such as the one located in Washington D.C. where they held job interviews for teachers and had parents present to help determine the best fits for their children’s educational needs.

Participation by parents has always been a key aspect that sets Rocketship Education apart from other charter schools. The chain of charter schools started back in 2007 in California and has since opened up at a steady pace to its current number of 13 schools. Each school had parent participation in some way, including helping to find suitable staff to provide quality learning. It’s a given that parental participation is a core value that is held at Rocketship Education’s charter schools.

In each case, those parents who wish to help find suitable teachers to fill Rocketship’s classrooms with will undergo proper training in order to help out with the hiring process. Oftentimes, three to six or so families will receive the training or they will hold community styled meetings. This allows the parents to meet all the job finalists. Preston Smith, the co-founder of Rocketship, has expressed that the input from parents is invaluable and highly appreciated every time.