Robert Ivy Honored For His Many Accomplishments

The world of architecture is one that plays an important role in society. Architects are people of true vision who can see things others often cannot. With their ability to provide a new way of seeing the world, people all over the globe benefit from their many insights. One person who understands the importance of architecture and how it can help transform the globe is Robert Ivy. Over the course of his impressive and storied career, he’s been an integral part of the world architectural scene. His work has inspired others and created a lasting body of work for all to enjoy. Given his many skills, it is not surprising that his achievements are being honored. Those who know the contemporary architectural scene understand that visions like his are crucial in order to make the world a more livable space for everyone. Ivy is being hailed for his personal sense of vision and his many talents in many areas including the world of communications and editing. He’s also help move the profession forward in other ways including by serving as a mentor for all those who wish the enter the profession and follow in his footsteps as architects in their own right.

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The Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award

The state of Mississippi has been home to many artists over the years. The region is home today to a thriving community of people who are dedicated to advancing the world of the arts. Robert Ivy has long been a part of this community for many years. The Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters has chosen to honor Robert Ivy with their highly prestigious Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award according to This award is only given to those who have made a distinguished contribution to the field. Ivy proudly takes his place as the only architect to win the award. Prior reward recipients include the Southern writer Shelby Foot, the actor Morgan Freeman and the opera singer Leontyne Price. This puts Ivy in great company and helps add yet another feature to a very full cap. Those at the Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters are thrilled that he has chosen to accept this honor. As a native of Mississippi, he’s even prouder to have his name added to a long list of those who have helped maintain the state’s reputation as a place where the arts are held in high esteem.

Robert Ivy is the CEO of AIA. American Institute of Architects is a group of architects all over the US. The office is located in Washington, DC. Their main motto was to help promote the practical profession of architecture and also the scientific profession of all of its members in the organization. Through the American Institute of architects, they are able to offer government advocacy, education, a community redevelopment and also public education, that helps to support the architecture professional field and help to improve its public image.

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