Ricardo Guimarães Says LinkedIn Reveals Most Needed Worker Skills


The web site LinkedIn has become one of the most popular for business. The president of BMG Bank, Ricardo Guimarães, points out that the proof is the number of frequent surveys and total number of accumulated users on the site. This social networking web site creates new connections for all types of professionals in the job market. Some important personal networking with the most important people in their career arena can lead to opportunities not available in any other venue. LinkedIn also gives many valuable news items and useful tips specific to particular industry sectors.

More organizations are relying on LinkedIn every day, especially to recruit professional workers that post their resumes and availability on the site. Ricardo Guimarães reports that Exame Magazine has published the most sought-after skills in 2015. They based the list of the top 25 skills based on keyword searches done by recruiters. This is based on data from 9 different countries: Brazil, the US, and France. One of the hottest areas in 2015 were highly valued Human Resources professionals focused on employee compensation and benefits; a sector that grew 15% that year, according to Ricardo Guimarães.

In Brazil the sector of professional recruitment dropped significantly, mostly due to Brazil’s unstable economy, with a total decrease of 14%. Brazil’s 25 most desired skills listed by Ricardo Guimarães are:

Statistical Analysis and Data Mining
Mobile software development
Quality Assurance (QA) software and usability testing
Web architecture and development frameworks
Integration middle-ware software
Engineering and data storage
Information security
Human resources
Corporate law and governance
Safety at work
Design interfaces
Microsoft stack application development
Business Intelligence
System Review Control (SCR)
public policy and international relations
Materials Engineering
Perl, Python, & Ruby programming languages
Java development
Business development and relationship management
Social media marketing
Digital marketing
Software Modeling and process design
Shell scripting languages

Mr. Guimarães notes that it is more important than ever for all professionals to keep up to date with the latest skills companies are currently demanding. This keeps you at the highest prominence when being compared by your competition in the job market.

BMG Bank has belonged to the Guimarães family for generations. Ricardo Guimarães is the grandson of the bank’s original founder. He has worked hard to grow BMG since he took the reins in 1998. He took an innovative step by branching out into payday loans that offer low rates to any individual.

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