Real Estate Tammy Mazzocco Makes Real Estate Her Passion

Tammy Mazzocco is a real estate agent that has managed to overcome a lot of fears. At one time she worked as a secretary for a brokerage firm and this would be the start of something that would get her interested in real estate. She was the secretary for a manager that encouraged her to get a real estate license.

She would build a career in real estate and gain a high level of consumers that would bring her referrals in Central Ohio. Tammy has contributed Judy Gang as a friend and inspiration in the real estate business. This is a woman that has served as a mentor to Tammy, and this has given her the push that she needed to successfully sale homes. There are lots of people that are going to look for homes in Ohio, and Tammy has a desire to help many of these people find the perfect dwelling. See,

What Tammy has been able to do well is build an audience despite the fact that she is shy. She has stated that this has been one of the most challenging aspects of her time with selling real estate, but this is a fear that she has managed to overcome in almost two decades by successfully building a client base.

Tammy has used resources like Zillow to build her client base. She has capitalized on software and Internet websites like Crunchbase to attract customers. She has relied on scripts from other real estate agents that have been in her shoes. She has pulled together a wealth of resources to navigate the real estate industry and successfully build a career as an agent that is able to get referrals from her previous clients. This is has given her the ability to pursue a career in real estate with no limits.

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