Paul Mampilly: How the Main Street American National Can Invest and Make Money

After a career on Wall Street that began with a subordinate portfolio manager role at Bankers Trust, Paul Mampilly rose to an esteemed job at the Deutsche Bank and later ING, entrusted with the handling of a multimillion-dollar account. Kinetics asset management identified Paul to head their $6billion hedge fund in 2006, and with the investment manager’s skills, the fund rose to $25 billion. The exponential feat of the fund accomplished during Paul’s tenure saw Barron’s recognize the fund as the World’s Best hedge fund, a feat that achieved in the midst of a financial turmoil in the industry.

Eventually growing weary of the fast-paced lifestyle of Wall Street, and serving the interests of a top few individuals Paul Mampilly shifted to helping the ordinary person make monetary gains on their investments. In utilizing his experiences, the former asset manager extends his services to the regular American national.

Paul Mampilly has engaged with Banyan Hill publishers from 2016 has seen more than 90,000 individuals sign up for his Profits unlimited newsletter. Every turn of a new month, the newsletter details emerging investment prospects in an eight paged manuscript that features a model portfolio tracked personally by the editor. The archetype brief lists a variety of stocks available in the market that Paul recommends his subscribers to buy.

The Profit Unlimited columnist, also manages two exclusive trading services, while at the same time writing for the Winning Investor Daily weekly column. Paul’s publications feature trends in the stock market as well as the changes the markets are experiencing in recent times. The editor gives insights on the probable mistakes that new investors are likely to make while trading in stocks, besides providing information on recent IPOs of interest and entrepreneurs worth watching.

Graduating from the Fordham School of Business with a degree in Finance and Accounting, and a masters in Finance from the same institution, Paul Mampilly also holds a Business Administration degree from the Montclair State University. He has managed to become an authority in the industry and has a proven record of assisting small-scale investors to make money from stock market investment opportunities through his analysis.

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