Pursuing Your Passion

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Many millennials are becoming entrepreneurs these days. The changing landscape of the working world makes starting one’s own business seem just as secure an option as going for a career that lacks the motivating factor of doing something that inspires. Earlier generations didn’t enjoy as many options as we have today. Young people are just not as willing to be… Read more »

Sheldon Lavin – Journey from an Investment Professional to Heading One of the Largest Meat Processing Company in the World

OSI Industries is one of the top meat processing companies in the world and is led by the famous business leader, Sheldon Lavin. Over the years, Sheldon Lavin has showcased his business and leadership skills through results that OSI Industries have generated. Sheldon Lavin has won many awards during his lifetime, most popular of which are Global Visionary Award presented… Read more »

Get Methods of Achieving Cellular Rejuvenation in the Famed Oncotarget

Restriction of dietary has often proven to be the best method to reduce aging processes and prolong a person’s lifespan. Calorie restriction (CR) and Dietary restriction (DR) have been interchangeable applied by medical practitioners to describe the reduction of energy intake. DR means reducing the amount of food intake while CR implies decreasing a diet’s energy density by modifying dietary… Read more »

Rocketship Education Includes Parent Input in the Classroom

The unique experience that students and their parents get at Rocketship Education charter schools is astounding. As is the case for most schools, as a parent, you don’t generally know who is going to be teaching your student for the year ahead very far in advance – if at all before the first day of school. While this may be… Read more »

Corruption No Match for Securus Technologies Monitoring System

When me and my fellow corrections officers were called in to meet with our superiors concerning an explosion in drug usage inside the prison, you better believe they wanted results now. They were not going to tolerate another day of this problem existing because it was now putting the entire prison population in jeopardy. Not only were the officers in… Read more »

Arthur Becker and his Professional Life

Arthur Becker is a renowned real estate developer in the United States, and is the currently the Managing Member of Madison Partners. The firm specializes in early stage Bio Tech ventures and real estate development. Becker has previously worked for NaviSite as the company’s CEO as well as Zinio, LLC, as Chairman and CEO. In a recent interview with Perez… Read more »

Wonder What Eos Lip Balm Really Has to Offer You?

Many people ask this all the time, and our answer is why not try these lip balms! Because Eos lip balms are paraben-free and petrolatum-free. They also are made with ingredients that are so good for your lips and come in a variety of flavors, check this out: blogwebpedia.com.   Tip #1: They are Packed with Natural Ingredients Eos lips… Read more »