OSI Group Continues To Expand Global Reach

A Story Of American Success
OSI Group is the largest meat process in the world and stands as a testimony to America’s wealth and reach. With more than $6 billion in revenue, it currently stands as one of the 100 most successful privately owned companies in America. That fortune comes from generating countless jobs and helping to build the American economy on so many levels. The company is truly an example of what the American dream looks like.

From Family Business To Corporation
The billion dollar corporation can trace its origin to the turn of the 20th century. Otto Kolschowsky opened up his meat deli in the suburbs of Chicago and the business was a smashing success practically from the day it opened. Eventually Otto needed the help of his sons to keep the business running. Through his sons the meat deli would grow much larger than he had ever imagined. The fast food industry of America was beginning to trek out into the uncharted territory of the global marketplace. OSI Group would provide the meat these fast food companies need in order to survive.

How To Give The World Meat
Fast food companies across the world rely on OSI Group for the meat they supply to their customers. Although O has plenty of resources of its own, it cannot supply the world with meat from America alone. This is why the company has acquired a number of smaller companies to help its business in various regional markets. In Europe, for example, OSI Group has purchased Baho Food in order to provide the meat it needs to give its clients what they want. Beyond meat, OSI Group also offers its clients other goods such as frozen vegetables and frozen dough.

Putting Workers First
No company can reach the level of success that OSI Group has seen without keeping its workers in mind. The safety and wellbeing of the workers of OSI Group’s meat processing plants is so excellent it has won the meat processor awards for safety. Lat year, the British Safety Council gave OSI Group the Globe of Honor for the quality of worker protection the firm gives its workers. When OSI Group succeeds the success isn’t kept in the hands of just a few people. Everyone who helped make OSI Group what it is today benefits in the end.

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