OSI Group – A Provider of Top Quality Protein Products in America and Around the World

OSI Group is an American company that processes meat for the retail food service industry. Established in 1909, the company became known for its reputation in offering quality meat products. In 2016 the company was awarded the Globe of Honor for its demonstration in excellence in environmental management. Also, in 2016 the company acquired the Tyson Food plant in Chicago to expand on their ability to meet the needs of their customers. Making the top 100 food companies list in America, they offer other products besides high-quality meat.

OSI Group was recently presented with the Globe of Honor from the British Safety Council. This award shows that they have established a level of the highest quality in environmental management and risk. The qualification for this award is that they had to obtain the highest rating of five stars in the British Safety Council’s environmental management audit system.

As a food processing company, OSI Group offers quality protein products. This includes entrees, lunch, breakfast, side dishes, desserts, and snacks. The meats within these meals would include chicken products, cooked beef and port, hot dogs, sausage, and bacon. They also do smoked products along with fresh, frozen, and cooked beef patties.

A 200,000 square foot building of a Tyson Food plant was recently purchased by OSI Group for $7.4 million in 2016. The location of this new plant is near the OSI’s plant in Chicago. The new facility adds to the capacity to accommodate the swiftly changing needs of their customers.

OSI Group is considered one of Americas top 100 food companies. The food processing company is located in 16 different countries and is the leading provider for meat products in America. The company may be a leader in providing high quality proteins, but they also offer vegetables, fruits, and other foods to their customers.

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