Online Reputation Management Expert Shares Insider Tips for Small Businesses

Reputation matters to a small business, and with the internet, it matters more since a bad review on a particular company is only a few clicks away. It is no surprise that the online reputation management industry is increasingly becoming an important part of any business. Forbes recently spoke to an online reputation management expert about a few online reputation practices that any entrepreneur can start with until he or she contracts a professional.

One thing that the expert stressed was to take control of major social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest, and Instagram. And have new strategies on how you Brand Yourself. It is not necessary that the business becomes active on these social media accounts but that he or she at least takes the name associated with his or her business for later use. Do not let the social media accounts sit for too long because search engines do not like stagnant accounts. Be sure to describe the company in each of those social media accounts with appropriate tags. This helps solidify a brand and reputation.

It is advised that small businesses attempt to optimize their webpage to ensure that it is the first page that shows up in the search engine when it is searched for. This is important to keep any page that might have a negative review buried under favorable pages. What a business owner can do is optimize his or her content to include only helpful information rather than just filler information. Search engines recognize filler information and will negatively rank these pages. Be sure to update your website regularly to keep search engines happy.

A business can also look for an automated content syndication tool that helps them manage their social media accounts. This helps keep the information that the business wants to show in the first few pages when someone searches for them effectively burying any negative pages. The syndication tool helps update all social media accounts at the same time, which means that all social media accounts are updated the moment the chosen primal account is updated. Of course, these are just some suggestions that a business can take into consideration, but hopefully it gets the ball moving in the right direction.