Nick Vertucci, From Poker to Prime Real Estate

Nick Vertucci is best known for being a successful real estate investor and recent author. Vertucci started his real estate endeavors flipping houses and has since made millions which has allowed him to start a successful real estate educational academy. Vertucci’s new book Seven Figure Decisions: Having the Balls to Succeed is aimed at supporting entrepreneurs and real estate investors become successful in their own careers. However, not many people may be aware that Nick Vertucci is also a successful poker player. Vertucci has played with many of the game’s best players as well as A-list celebrities including Ben Affleck, James Woods, Jennifer Tilly, and Don Cheadle.

Surprisingly, poker was a part of Vertucci’s life prior to his success in real estate or writing. In 2004 Vertucci placed 8th overall in the No-Limit Texas Hold’em Championships in Commerce California which was his first tournament. Since 2004 Vertucci has participated in many tournaments including the World Series of Poker held annually in Las Vegas, the World Poker Tournament, and Poker After Dark. Vertucci’s poker skills have developed overtime and have translated into his real estate ventures as he claims poker has increased his confidence and his ability to read people amongst other skills which are very useful in the real estate industry.

Unlike many ranked poker players Nick Vertucci doesn’t dedicate the majority of his time playing poker nor has he attempted to ever make a full-time career of it. Remarkably, Vertucci has been able to remain profitable since starting his part-time poker career which only 10% of ranked players have been able to accomplish. Undoubtedly this is a statistic that Vertucci understands which is why he dedicates much of his time to NVREA which stands for Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy, he also plays a large role in helping his community and others in their entrepreneurial endeavors. It’s no hidden secret that Nick Vertucci’s knack for poker has developed skills that have transformed into valuable characteristics that positively influence his life and those around him.