NGP VAN Is Forwarding Progress

NGP Van is based in Washington, D.C. and it was founded in 1997. They provide software technology with a platform of compliance, field organizing, fundraising, and media products to be used by progressive organizations and campaigns. Their clients include national Democratic committees, Democratic campaigns, labor unions, as well as progressive and non-partisan PACs. They helped the presidential campaigns of Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Bernie Sanders.




They hosted a “Day Without A Woman“, because they believe in gender equality in the workplace. Their software gives candidates more information on voters, such as what their views are and what they want to be done. Their mobile campaign tools and analytic tools help target certain voters. Their MiniVan smartphone app allows voter data to be entered directly and helps nonprofit organizations receive contributions. The app has the “Street Team Canvassing” tool that collects voter’s names and information at rallies. The “Social Advocacy” tool allows people to pressure leaders using social media. These tools may help the Democrats win in the 2018 elections.

The LBGTQ Vote may be won through their software, which has inclusive properties. Their software includes pronouns that are non-binary in the contact records. The US has over 10 million LGBTQ voters that make up an important demographic for progressive Democratic politicians. NGP Van encourages a broader view of gender.

The employees of NGP Van helped local charities by donating goods. The “Day Without a Woman” had involvement from the female staff at NGP Van. Paid maternal leave for mothers and fathers is provided by the company. They took part in the global “Day Without A Woman” on March 8, 2017. The DC Women’s March organized the movement to promote human rights for all people who are gender-oppressed. The female workers at NGP Van volunteered at Suited for Change, Calvary Women’s Services, N Street Village, The Sojourner Center, and Project Flow DC. NGP Van supports all of the progressive movements in any way they can.