Myths Pertaining to Fabletics and How Kate Hudson Abolishes Them

Most of the time, people believe that they truly know it all, but what if they were told that they can know a lot about a subject and still only be brushing its surface? For example, people understand that Fabletics is a clothing line that has Kate Hudson as a spokeswoman, is composed of athletic wear, and can be worn in a multitude of situations, but they do not understand the entire point behind the line. As a result, myths are created as a means to discredit the brand, but in an interview coordinated by Elle Magazine, Hudson offered important information that totally abolishes these tales.

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Myth: I can get a Kate Hudson body by working out in the gear.

Truth: Neither Hudson nor Fabletics claimed that simply wearing clothes would make you have an envied, six-pack adorned body–that would be silly! What the entire brand radiates is the freedom of movement and the desire to want to get active on your own terms. Essentially, they have provided the tools, but you need to put them to use.

Myth: Kate Hudson has people she pays to make her look like that.

Truth: The actress comes from an athletic family; her mother danced, her brother played numerous sports, and her dad was a baseball player. Hudson has always danced and played soccer. As she got into the starlight, she began doing yoga, pilates, and regularly working out to maintain her physique and simply because she loves the act of exercising.

Myth: Fabletics does not tell people they should eat right. Again, the clothes of everything on Facebook are all for show on an already athletic body.

Truth: It is important to note that Fabletics is not a personal trainer nor nutritionist, but the whole point of their spokeswoman, Kate, is to regularly conduct interviews and let the public know that athleticism is hard work. Even the actress has difficulty finding her motivation, so she relies on support from friends and family. In fact, the Elle interview revealed that Hudson loves snacking on popcorn whenever she can!

Myth: Fabletics is probably too expensive for me.

Truth: The madness behind the trendy brand stemmed from Hudson’s dislike for workout gear prices, and the fact that a person would also need to buy everyday clothing. As a result, she generously combined the two factors, and unto the public, leggings that work for the gym and a night out were born! Check at: