Missouri Professor Made One Viral Mistake That Could Have Ended Her Career

The United States has been in a heated racial battle for the better part of two years and last year a Missouri University was under fire for unfair treatment of minorities which led to a student held protest. Media outlets, including student journalists and photographers, are always quick to catch the story but sometimes their pushiness can cause the protest to get hostile. Missouri professor Melissa Click went viral last year when she was caught on camera asking for “some muscle” to remove a student journalist which lead to heavy negative backlash from the public. Click has said she was embarrassed by her behavior and that in the heat of the moment she didn’t think before she spoke because her focus was on the safety of the students in the protest. After spending a year in the shadows Click has begun a media cleanse through Status Labs to help reestablish her image so she can continue her twelve year teaching career.


Darius Fisher, co-founder and president of Status Labs, understands that navigating through the internet to remove pictures, videos, or blog posts that affect your reputation negatively can be a daunting task which is why his expert team are ready to help. Status Lab’s quickly rose to fame after becoming the leading PR firm focused solely on online reputation and presence. Fisher’s team have developed a bullet proof strategy to help their clients which includes scrubbing their Google results page and flooding it with new and positive information as well as Google image results.
Last year they proved they handled online crises well by taking on hundreds of clients who were targeted during the Ashley Madison hacking scandal last year. The team at Status Labs now has over 1,600 clients including politicians, Fortune 500 Companies, celebrities, CEO’s, and public figureheads spanning across 35 countries.

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    For clients who don’t already have an online presence Status Labs creates a personalized plan to help clients create and run multiple social media platforms. They give a guiding hand to clients who’ve had trouble with social media outreach and show them do’s and don’ts of social media. I do know for sure that rush essays do even have to say there are things that most people do know about them all.

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