Meet the Award Winning Film Producer: Lawrence Bender.

The film industry is definitely one of the most lucrative currently. A lot of companies are coming up and offering modern filming services using the latest technology. The industry has created a lot of job opportunities through various activities such as production, editing and acting. Modern filming is also being practiced in developing countries. The industry contributes a lot of income to the economy and therefore, it should be given the necessary attention. Some organizations have also come up to recognize and award talented individuals, for example the prestigious Oscar Awards.

Lawrence Bender is a renowned film producer who has been in the industry for decades. A few years after joining the industry, he rose to fame for his good work. He has since become one of the best producers and has produced films that have received international recognition. He is an inspiration to many people around the world who would love to be part of the film industry. One of the productions that made him rise to fame is Reservoir Dogs. He is also well known to produce informative films. Documentaries are widely used by different organizations and governments to pass some information to the members of the public. He is also a recipient of numerous prestigious awards.

Apart from his career in the film industry, Lawrence Bender also excelled well in his higher education and graduated by majoring in civil engineering from a recognized university. Lawrence Bender believes in following ones passion, after graduating, he became a dancer. He serves as a good example to many young people who are not persistent enough to attain their full potential by following their passion. Some scholars have advised people to do what they are passionate about as they are likely to be more productive.

Some films that Lawrence Bender produced have won Oscar awards. They include Inglorious Bastards in 2009, Good Will Hunting and Pulp Fiction. My favorite is Goal! The Dream Begins. The film is inspiring, despite experiencing challenges even from home, Santiago does not lose focus on trying something new. He has passion for soccer and occasionally goes to watch as other professional players play during his leisure time. Eventually, he gets help and is able to achieve his dream.