Marie Claire Fabletics article

In a recent article by, Marie Claire, Kate Hudson’s explains her new clothing line called, Fabletics. She explained the new swimsuit wear and a couple of dresses. Kate explains that her wear is not only stylish but it was also made for comfort. For example, the dress was made for comfort, so it’s easier to be mobile. You can be comfortable on the go and look good. Kate also explained that their updated dresses are made with the same texture as leggings. They cling to you and make your figure look good, but at a more affordable price. In the article, Kate also explains that Fabletics swimsuits are made for comfort. Kate wants her clothing to make girls feel covered but to also feel sexy and femininity.

Kate’s goal for Fabletics is to inspire others to become healthy and fit. Fabletics has a variety of different clothing at a very affordable price. Fabletics is perfect for any woman. The clothing was designed for style and for comfort. It is great for moms and for busy women on the go. It is even good for lazy days. Hudson’s pin boards and they have very reasonable prices. They only cost half of the price of most clothing stores that sell athletic clothing, but they have the same comfort and style.

Fabletics is not only for active women, and that is the great thing about this clothing line. It is for any kind of woman. There is a large variety of clothing to choose from. There are bras, bikinis, shorts, leggings, dresses, shirts, and so much more. There is also a variety of different colors and patterns of clothing for your unique style. You can shop for this clothing at It is super easy to find exactly what you want on their website. It is very convenient and easy to use. Fabletics now has seven stores open and are planning on opening 100 more within the next few years. It will be great for women that like to try their clothing on in store before purchasing.