Madison Street Capital Continues to Build Reputation

Having a strong reputation is a practical necessity for a small investment firm to grow in the very competitive industry. One company that is still growing, but has developed a very strong reputation for quality is Madison Street Capital. Madison Street Capital is a Chicago-based investment firm that has been in business for about ten years. While the company is very young compared to other firms in the industry, they have continued to impress both clients and their peers.

One of the reasons that the company has such a strong reputation is that they have the ability to serve clients a number of different ways. The company can provide service in a number of different industries including in the mergers and acquisitions field, dispositions, tax and estate planning, and even dissolution of an entity. Regardless of the practice that they are working in, the company will always provide their clients with excellent service given by top talent.

Madison Street Capital is also well known for having the top employees in the industry. The fact that they are a smaller firm allows a motivated employee to have a much bigger impact on the company than employees at larger firms. For an employee that wants to grow professionally, this can make working at Madison an excellent career option.

The evidence of Madison Street Capital’s reputation in the industry is likely most evident by the recent nominations that the company received for some of the most prestigious awards available. Every year at the annual M&A Advisor Awards, the top companies vie for some of the top awards given. This year, Madison was nominated for two very prestigious awards. The first was for the Small Firm of the Year Award, which is given to other firms of Madison’s size. The other award was for the Deal of the Year Award, for deals that were for less than $100 million.

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