Laidlaw and Company Investment Banking and Brokerage Still Growing 175 Years Later

Laidlaw and Company was one of the first investment banks in the US and began doing business in 1842, the same year the American Stock Exchange came into being and the Income Tax Act took effect in the UK. It now has worldwide offices and a global client base of corporations, individual and institutions. During the span of its three century history, has grown and changed and added services and innovations to help its clients reach their goals through their ability to assist in relationship building, offer of modern products and competitive edge over its competition. Since Henry Bell Laidlaw joined Hewitt Lees and Company in 1854, the tradition of growth and innovation has continued to this day.

The firm became know as Laidlaw and Company in 1873 after Charles E Laidlaw joined the firm. In 1878, Laidlaw and Company a member of the New York Stock Exchange and Charles became Governor of Exchange and served the next 13 years. The firm’s address was 14 Wall Street for the next 30 years. It was the first member of the New York Stock Exchange to establish securities branches in Toronto and Montreal, Canada. The United States and Canada border treaty, Webster-Ashburton Treaty, was also established in 1842. In 1902, after his son James Lee Laidlaw had already doined the firm in 1894, Henry Bell Laidlaw dies.

At the end of World War II, Laidlaw and Company has already started its investment banking, asset management and securities brokerage services in 1942. The many years of experience and services is an advantage it offers its clients today. In 1988, Laidlaw consolidated the Securities Brokerage, Investment Banking, International and Asset Management Division by incorporating in Delaware and becoming Laidlaw Holdings Inc. In 1994, shares of Laidlaw Holdings were purchased by Europe Continents Holding and a majority interest was purchased by Pacific USA Holding Corporation and its chairman, Larry D. Horner became Chairman of Laidlaw Holdings. Laidlaw Holdings became a public company, Laidlaw Global Corporation after acquiring How and Rusling, an investment firm founded in 1930 in 1996 and acquiring Westminster Securities and Laidlaw Pacific (Asia).

In 2000, was launched by Laidlaw Global Corporation as one of the products of Global Electronic Exchange and was the first global online trading site. It further expanded in the US by adding offices in Florida, Texas and California in 2004 and a year later it began to offer pooled investment vehicles to investors for direct venture investments into pharmaceuticals, technology, retail, insurance and other emerging growth opportunities. In 2010, according to PR Newswire, Laidlaw’s pooled investment strategy included late stage private securities in LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and other private issuers. The next year it included research, banking initiatives and capital market in health care, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and medical devices. In 2012, it added mining, metals and natural resources in its investment banking and capital markets strategy.

When considering your investment options, a firm with a long history, continual growth and a successful track record of harvesting innovations should be included in your criteria. Laidlaw and Company has been around for 170 and is experiencing continued growth and profit for investors as well as helping clients establish new relationships that profit their businesses. Find out more about their modern financial products and customized solutions.

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    Laidlaw Global Corporation experienced unprecedented growth in earning under President Anastasio Carayannis. The firm had already expanded from a small private bank to a banking and brokerage firm. It is the best thing that has ever happened for and it has worked so well for them all.

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