Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Finding Success

Fabletics began it’s journey into the athletic wear world, launching on October 1, 2013. Actress Kate Hudson was one of the founders, along with Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler. Kate is the main face and spokesperson for the Fabletics company.


Fabletics broke into the market at a tough economic time but experienced success shortly after launching. The company has been continuing to grow and expand. Launching initially in the United States, they expanded to doing business in Europe by July of 2014. Just a couple of months later, they expanded business operations to Canada. This all happened before their one year mark in business. In 2015 Fabletics launched a men’s brand known as FL2, with Kate’s brother Oliver Hudson. The company also added swimwear and dresses to their line of products.


Fabletics faced tough competition in the activewear market. Amazon was the biggest competitor they were facing, with Amazon controlling 20% of the fashion market in online commerce. Fabletic’s took on the challenge and has been growing and making strides. Kate Hudson’s company became a $250 million company in its first three years.


Fabletics has taken new and fresh approaches to selling their activewear brand. They offer a subscription service. Subscription services are a popular convenience to modern consumers. This also helps customers get items from the high-value brand that are catered to their individual tastes. When signing up for a membership to the brand consumers can take a brief quiz, the results help the company cater to each individual.


Fabletics also makes sure to follow all latest trends in the market. They use data from online to help stay in touch with what their consumers want now as well as in the future. Another marketing strategy Fabletics uses is their co-founder, Kate Hudson. She wants to inspire her customers and shares her own personal experiences with members and potential members. Kate is passionate about the brand, sharing videos from her cell phone to help promote her goods to her customers.


Fabletics has reached great success in their few years in business. The company with Kate behind the scenes shows no signs of slowing or stopping their growth. Their unique membership model helps them to keep growing and stay current in all trends.