Justice in Brazil by Ricardo Tosto


Although Brazil has many law schools and lawyers, the law system is a bit slow compared to many countries. Most Brazilians are lawyers as the profession is vastly embraced. Although most of them are lawyers, it is not as easy as it sounds to become a lawyer in Brazil. This article highlights the origin of Brazilian Laws and the pioneer of the legal system. The Brazilian Law came from Portuguese Law because of the European colonization. After its independence in 1822, the country had the ability to implement its legal system.

Independent Legal Schools

Independent legal schools had to be established including legal professionals. This led to the establishment of the first law schools in Brazil in 1827. A fascinating bit of Brazilian Law System is that its Portuguese roots have not hindered its growth in other countries. A practical example is the commencement of civil law through the French influence in the 19th century. At that moment, the Brazilians embraced the Napoleonic Code. In the 20th century, Brazilians adopted the German Law System. In the current century, Brazilians’ Civil Code is linked to the Civil Code of Italy. Although the foreign law systems employed by the Brazilians are just a section of the legal system, it represents most of the fusion in Brazilian legal system.

About Tosto Ricardo

Tosto Ricardo is not only an entrepreneur but also, a guru in the law and legal systems of Brazil. He is also an excellent strategist. Ricardo Tosto made his way through centenary firms in the litigation of businesses. After a few years of vast experience, his business featured in the largest companies in Brazil leading to the establishment of his company. The law firm ranked among the best in Brazil. Tosto offered his legal services to many public personalities, international businesses and individual cases in Brazil. He also served large and vital corporations and politicians with different ideologies in addition to the government.


Being a pioneer in legal mechanisms adoption, Ricardo Tosto’s prominence came from the laws being the commonly employed in the legal system. Ricardo Tosto was a mentor to most of his partners whose law careers began as interns. Tosto controls the company’s vital proceeding cases by providing new strategies.