How To Make Being A Wine Guide Fit Into Your Busy Life

Starting a home-based business as a Wine Guide for The Traveling Vineyard is easier than most people would imagine.

The business model requires Wine Guides to tap into their network of family and friends and offer them an opportunity to host a free in-home wine tasting. Wine Guides bring the wine tasting kit, including five bottles of wine and glasses, and then they lead the group through the tasting by showing them how to appreciate a good wine and explaining which foods pair well with each bottle. Finally, guests are offered the chance to buy The Traveling Vineyard offers exclusive wines, which typically cost under $25 a bottle.

Wine Guides forward orders to The Traveling Vineyard, which ships the wine to the customer’s home. Earning a commission on each bottle sold, Wine Guides can also add members to their team when someone asks them how to get started in the business, which increases the Wine Guide’s income as well. Intangible benefits of being a Wine Guide include the ability to set one’s own hours and the satisfaction that comes with working for one’s self.

Wine Guides don’t need any prior experience in direct sales or wine tasting, since training in both is provided, along with assistance from a supportive community of other Wine Guides. The Traveling Vineyard’s home business opportunity is a low-stress method of earning extra money, because there are no sales quotas; individuals work as much or as little as they choose, although most in-home tasting events are in the evening or on weekends. On The Traveling Vineyard’s blogs, different Wine Guides explain how they make being a Wine Guide fit into their busy lives, and how much time they devote to their home-based business.