How Prison Guards Come to Rely Heavily on Securus Technologies

Each day that I show up for work as a prison guard at the state jail, I know that I might not be coming back home at night to see my family. The violence in our facility has reached the point where we need to wear body armor just to escort inmates to different parts of our prison. Although we have many resources to help keep us safe, none has been more effective at keeping the peace that the inmate call monitoring system that was installed by Securus Technologies.


The CEO of Securus Technologies, Rick Smith, makes sure to tell anyone who will listen that his company and all 1,000 employees are dedicated to a single goal, making this world a little safer for each of us. How that applies in the prison might surprise some on the outside, but without it our job as guards would be that much more challenging.


As the inmate population in our state prison exploded in recent years, the inmates have developed their own communication to keep certain information from getting into the hands of the guards. It could be trying to get a message to someone on the outside to smuggle in drugs or weapons, or it might be a call to order a hit on a rival gang. Without Securus Technologies, we would never be in the position to be able to intercept and stop these occurrences from happening.


The LBS software is able to monitor every call the inmates are making simultaneously, then alerts us if any specific chatter needs to be addressed. Once we get the alert and listen carefully to those calls, we can make the determination as to what we need to do next. We have already stopped hundreds of incidents this year that would have put me and my staff in serious danger.