How InnovaCare Health Is Planning To Expand To Cover The Entire Country

InnovaCare Health has been drafting measures that will help the company expand to other markets apart from the North America region. As a managed healthcare provider that has been in the industry for more than one decade, the company is looking to penetrate into broader markets to cater for the rising need to serve customers from different regions.

Due to the effectiveness and reliability InnovaCare has proved to offer, customers come from other regions apart from Puerto Rico to receive managed healthcare services like Medicaid and Medicare Advantage. Since inception, InnovaCare Health has enjoyed an upward curve in its growth. At onset, InnovaCare was serving less than 1000 Medicare subscribers but today, more than 200,000 individuals have joined the system to benefit from the high quality services the company offers.

In a bid to enhance productivity and to offer value to customers, InnovaCare Health has invested in the acquisition of modern technology and components on that are ideal for growth. They have come up with new strategies that will help the company to penetrate further into the bigger nationwide market. Additionally, InnovaCare Health has hired a new team of professionals who are trained to handle specific offices. With better executives, InnovaCare Health is expected to perform well in coming years.

One of the experts who came in during the recent appointments is Jonathan Meyers. He is a trained and experienced actuary who has worked with different companies and the government in the Medicaid and Medicare programs. Jonathan was hired to work as the Chief Actuary of the company and he brings in more than 10 years experience and a dynamic view to the office.

Most importantly, InnovaCare Health hired Mike Sortino to work as the Chief Accounting Officer. Mike had previously worked with leading companies in the market like HCC Specialty and he also holds more than 10 years experience.

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About the management team
The great appointments and achievements that InnovaCare Health has seen have been possible due to the planning and execution the management team has engaged. The Chief Executive Officer of the company, Dr. Rick Shinto, .M.D., is among professionals who have invested their time to seeing the company prosper.

He worked with other healthcare providers across the U.S. like Aveta Inc., and has published books in clinical science. Penelope Kokkinides, the Chief Administrative Officer of the company, is also a pillar that has been vital in the journey that has led to the development of InnovaCare Health into a competitive entity.