How Doe Deere Made Her Dream a Success

Galore Magazine showcased a remarkable Russian born business woman named Doe Deere. Ms. Deere is well known for her unusual line of cosmetics sold under the Lime Crime label. The article details how Ms. Deere got started in the world of beauty, to which she discloses her early interest in art and creativity, which soon spilled over into fashion and beauty. Her first real makeover was given to her school age friends who wanted to have a different type of look. The article captures the spirit and passion behind Lime Crime’s creator as well as her motivation for selecting the name for her brand, which included her favorite color.
Making a Success of an Internet Based Business

Doe Deere attributes the success of her cosmetic line to the use of the Internet. Unlike many start-up companies that often fail within their first year, Ms. Deere has actually seen an increase in her brand’s sales. Ms. Deere discusses how she makes use of social media websites to not only promote the products she sells, but to also get feedback from the people who use them. Ms. Deere likes having a brand that is able to stay connected to customers through the Internet. The Lime Crime website is also a place where loyal fans can stay in touch with the latest developments made in her line of cosmetics.

Having a successful Internet business has placed Ms. Deere in the spotlight as one of the top female entrepreneurs. She tells interviewers that she herself, is often inspired by the works of other top females in the world of business. She was amazed to find herself on the cover of a prominent business magazine, which customarily features high profile women within the business world. Ms. Deere is often asked for advice that will help young women launch their own careers in the world of business. The advice she provides is simple and to the point. She tells people to follow their dreams by listening to their heart. She strongly believes that everyone has a unique talent to offer the world and they just need to get in tune with what that talent is.