Greg Secker’s Interview with Inspirey

Greg Secker is youthful entrepreneur, expert trader, international speaker and above all a man that loves to give back to the society. He is also a father, who enjoys parenting more than anything. But, the main reason for his fame is his position at Knowledge to Action Group. He is the founder to the company which parents a number of other training programs including Capital Index, The Smart Chart App, Learn to Trade and the Greg Secker Foundation.

During an interview with Inspirey, Greg Secker said that he started his company after seeing a huge gap in the market. So many people wanted to explore the foreign trading world. However, without an education background in the field, the market seemed impossible to crack. But, a few could still enjoy trading benefits as they had money to pay for expensive trading training courses. Therefore, he decided to come up with a forum, for those looking for inexpensive training on trading. He started out with the aim of helping entrepreneur gain financial independence, and the money followed.

He advises other entrepreneurs to learn how and when to invest. It is only then that they will find making money easy. For him, investing in the right business is what allowed him to leave the corporate world before his thirties. Secker narrated of how he had to work on his trading forum part-time. At the time, he was still an employee of Mellon Financial Corporation.

In a matter of 6 months, he was already making decent revenues from his training platform. But, each month he would plough back the benefits. This he did until his business was stable enough to allow him leave his job at Mellon.

Secker also told Inspirey that it was his mistakes that built the business he owns today. Yes, they made him feel like giving up. But, in the end he decided they were an opportunity for business. He said that his first customers were his friends and family. After having seen how well he was doing, they wanted to learn the trade. Therefore, they made his first students.