Graeme Holm praises Infinity Group Australia achievements

Infinity Group Australia is a company that was established by Graeme Holm and Rebecca Walker in 2013. The two combined their passion for finances to come up with a brand that would bring to an end the financial hurdles that Australians were facing. Money management is still a huge challenge in the world, and there is a need for financial experts to come up with ways of educating the people about it. A lot of people are wallowing in poverty because they lacked basic money management skills which could have secured their future when they were doing well.




Graeme Holm came up with the original idea after he witnessed that many people who approached banks for loans were having a hard time replaying them. It was easy to get the money from a bank, but when it came to repayment, the struggle would go a notch higher risking to destabilize the future of these people. Loans need to be handled with care. It is in the best interest of the borrower to repay the loan in the shortest time possible while it is in the best interest of the bank that you delay to repay so that they can get more profits.




In short, Graeme Holm noted that banks were not for the good of their clients. They were out to exploit the customer by making sure that they are not educated about money management. Infinity Group Australia came as the solution to this challenge. They established a business model that would facilitate effective utilization of finances by assigning personal bankers to their clients.




A personal banker is a financial expert who understands how money management should be done in the right way. Once a client is assigned a personal banker, every spending will be scrutinized to identify areas of wastages. Most of the time, we tend to spend money on things that are not necessary and in the process misuse a lot of money that would have gone to other applications.




Graeme Holm is focused on changing the scenario on behalf of the people. He no longer wants to see people who are taking 30 years to repay a mortgage. By working with Infinity Group, one can reduce the time taken to pay a loan significantly. An amount that would have taken 30 years can be done in seven years by working with Infinity Group.




The quality of services from Infinity Group Australia is top notch. Their staff members are well trained to handle all matters of personal finances. Clients who have worked with this company have witnessed great success in a short time. The average savings for their clients is $42,000 per year. In fact, customers have noted that they can save in three months what took twelve months previously.




Graeme Holm is happy with the Infinity Group Australia reviews. Customers have expressed confidence in the organization a factor that will increase business in coming years. It has just been three years in business, but the growth has been monumental. They have managed to help hundreds of clients and have also received recognition from various awards bodies. Learn more :