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Restriction of dietary has often proven to be the best method to reduce aging processes and prolong a person’s lifespan. Calorie restriction (CR) and Dietary restriction (DR) have been interchangeable applied by medical practitioners to describe the reduction of energy intake. DR means reducing the amount of food intake while CR implies decreasing a diet’s energy density by modifying dietary composition. Therefore, DR is more laborious to achieve compared to CR.

Tests indicate that the periods of fasting that occur in DR regimens affect the lifespan-extending effects because a substantial decrease in the energy density fails to prolong lifespan. Furthermore, the deactivation of significant nutrient sensing anabolic pathways called mTOR during the fasting periods affects the production of lifespan-extending effects. The mechanistic target of rapamycin, mTOR, counteracts cellular rejuvenation through hindering autophagy and promoting metabolic derangement including insulin receptors. Further, mTORhyperactivation due to constant circulation of nutrients causes cellular senescence and aging. Overeating or ad libitum (AL) is likely to promote the aging phenotype. A reduction in the AL effects including obesity has proven to have an anti-aging potential in the following: click here.

Cellular rejuvenation enhanced by a response to DR through an experiment involving the induction of a chaperone mediated autophagy to AL mice. Another experiment involved applying a nutritional approach to investigate the effect of the dietary macronutrient composition on a person’s lifespan. The results revealed that postponement of sexual reproduction was responsible for DR-related longevity.

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