George Soros, political activist and Philanthropist helping migrants and refugees

George Soros is a Hungarian-American Businessman, Investor, Philanthropist, and Political Activist. Soros has been considered by many as one of the most successful investors in the world. He is one of the thirty richest people in the world. His life began in Budapest, Hungary, where he and his family eventually had to escape the Nazi occupation of Hungary. They were able to leave and emigrated to England. While in England, he attended the London School of Economics and graduated with both a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Philosophy on Forbes. After graduation, he took jobs at several different banks and eventually started his own hedge fund. He then evolved his hedge fund and his other investments to start Soros Fund Management. His original hedge fund was eventually renamed the Quantum Fund. The Quantum fund has now become the most successful hedge fund in history, generating more than forty million dollars.

Along with his great success in business and investing, Soros is a big political donor and activist. He is one of the largest donors to progressive and democratic causes and politicians. He even founded the Democracy Alliance donor club, one of the largest Democratic donor blocks, to help fund democratic and progressive initiatives. Over the last decade, the alliance has had a major hand in developing and shaping organizations on the left of the political spectrum of the United States. George is not a fan of the new President of the United States, Donald Trump, and believes that he wants to be a dictator. He also believes that the Constitution and institutions set in place will keep him from becoming a dictator on He thinks that democracy and the United States will be in chaos and upheaval in the meantime, but that the country will withstand his Presidency. He believes that Trump never expected to win, and never really thought his policies through.

Soros recently committed to giving five hundred million dollars to migrant and refugee founded businesses and initiatives. He feels that migrants are forced into lives of despair while their host countries fail to gain the benefits that their integration can bring. He believes that governments need to play a role in creating the physical and social infrastructure needed but the power of the private sector can greatly help the needs of those refugees and migrants. George Soros plans to invest in startups, established companies, social initiatives, and business that migrants and refugees have started on their own. He wants to show how private capital can play an important role in helping the lives of these migrant workers and the refugees seeking help and assistance in a difficult time in their lives. Soros is hopeful his investment will inspire others to help these people in need. Soros uses his non-profit foundation, Open Society Foundations, as a way to pursue his philanthropic efforts on Politico. His foundation strives to support initiatives, foundations, and charities around the world that work to provide education, public health, support an independent media, and work to advance justice in every society.