George Soros’ Contributions to the Refugee Crisis in Europe

According to American Billionaire, George Soros, the new asylum policy that was passed in March between the European Union and Turkey is deeply flawed. George Soros raised issue with four flaws that he found were unfavorable to not only the European countries involved but also the refugees in question.

Flaws in the Asylum Policy

First of all, the policy on is not entirely European but was negotiated and reached with Turkey and later imposed on the member states by Angela Merkel. It is underfunded and not voluntary. Lastly, it has transformed Greece into a holding area for the refugees as they await to be relocated. Greece lacks the resources and capacity to accommodate the huge number of refugees.

George Soros is still confident that despite the inadequacies, the deficiencies can be timely corrected.

Contributions of Soros to the Asylum Policy

According to Soros, all refugees must be given a chance to get to their desired destinations. For this to happen, adequate funding must be attained instead of scrapping insufficient funds annually to address this emergency.

All the countries that host refugees both in Europe and the Middle East must get adequate financial support on in order to comfortably accommodate all the refugees and absorb them. With a working target in mind, say up to 500,000 refugees expected annually, these countries can be able to budget for the annual surge of refugees.

With regards to absorption of refugees, students and doctors need to be adequately matched with appropriate schools and hospitals respectively. An absorption system needs to be implemented that seeks to bring order to the process.

A working budget needs to be implemented. George Soros has estimated that about Û30 billion is sufficient to carry out EU’s comprehensive refugee absorption plan. The money should be raised by all member states and the debt thereafter needs to be spread across all states. According to Soros, the right political mindset in the European Union is all that is required to effect change.

George Soros: Investor Extraordinaire

George Soros is one of America’s most successful hedge fund owners and managers. He is a hugely successful business magnate, philanthropist, investor and author. He has Jewish-Hungarian ancestry and currently holds both Hungarian and American citizenship. With a net worth of about $24.9 billion, he has steadily accumulated wealth over the years to become of the wealthiest individuals not only in America but also the world. Today, he owns and chairs Soros Fund Management. He also chairs Open Society Foundations and is the Founder of Quantum Fund. Read more at The New York Times about George.

Soros is also actively involved in philanthropy and political activism. He started, and currently chairs, one of the most successful philanthropic endeavors in the world – Open Society Foundations. It is committed to establishing an open society that respects human rights, is truthful and the government is accountable to the people. It is estimated that Soros, through his many philanthropic activities, has so far donated over 11 billion dollars to charity. He is married and has 5 children; Andrea, Robert, Jonathan, Gregory and Alexander.

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