Free Help From Lauren Conrad


There is free help available from Lauren Conrad. This help is for anyone that has ever been stressful due to planning a party. Lauren knows your pain. She wants to give you some inside help so that you do not go through this ever again.

Lauren’s first help tip would be for you to have a party that means something. Pick your birthday or a favorite holiday. Do not just have a party to have a party. This is how people invite stress into the picture. This is especially true if you want to have a party because someone else is having a party. When you have a party that means something to you, you will enjoy it even if no one shows up. This is how you will keep stress away from you.

A second help tip from Lauren Conrad would be for you to have a cash bar. Having a cash bar will draw more people to your party. Moreover, you will not be paying for the alcoholic beverages. It will also be good for you to have a smooth drink before the party begins so you can be even more calm. People will also thank you for having a cash and complain as to why the last party they went to didn’t have one. This will make you feel good and stress free.

Lauren’s final help tip would be for you to contact 23 Layers. This is a company that focuses mainly on helping people with special engagements. They will be able to sit down with you and figure out what kind of party would mean most to you. Learn more about these event planners in NYC.

You will also be able to order a cash bar through this company. It will be included in a low costing package. You will also receive all of the food in this package, as well as decorations and more.

Lauren knows of many people that have used this company. All of them have nothing but fantastic things to say about 23 Layers. Lauren Conrad believes hiring this company is a sure way to get stress out of the way during your next party.