Fortress Investment Group Teams Up With Mount Kellett

Fortress Investment Group a global alternative asset investment firm teams up with Mount Kellett Capital Management a private investment firm that will provide a foundational partnership that will continue to expand the reach of Fortress within the distressed and underperforming asset classes with the new found resources and intellectual experience. The affiliate transaction was finalized June 30th, 2015 for an amount that was undisclosed, however, the alliance brings another $5 billion into the Fortress portfolio. Fortress has more than 1,700 investor and institutional clients and presently has more than $35 billion in assets under management that allows them the resource capital to capitalize on opportunities in the distress, underperforming and illiquid asset classes. Fortress invests in private equity, credit, mutual funds, bonds, derivatives, and various cryptocurrency and other alternative asset classes within the real estate and ETFs categories. The alliance with Mount Kellett provides additional intellectual capital with the extremely skilled experience, evaluation, and intellectual knowledge brought to Fortress with the acquisition of this management firm.

The Chief Investment Officer Mark McGoldrick will provide high-level analysis and evaluation skills that have been proven throughout the life of the Mount Kellett investment firm.Mark will be a valuable asset to The Fortress Investment Group and will continue to build a stable consistent portfolio with large returns on investment for the Fortress investment firm. Fortress has the resources and expertise to continue the expansion of the portfolio that was built at Mount Kellett by expanding the opportunities and global reach within the acquisition of various asset classes that were beyond the scope of the organization. Co-Chief Executive Officer Peter Briger will work hand in hand with Mark McGoldrick in the transitional phase of the partnership with Mount Kellett. Peter Briger is the president of the Fortress Credit Business headquartered in San Francisco California where he has provided strategic direction and guidance over the asset class within the credit and distressed financial instrument investment arm at Fortress. Peter Briger is Co-Chief Executive Officer with Wes Edens the current Co-Owner of the Milwaukee Bucks and the president of the Fortress Private Equity arm of the organization.

Fortress continues to build a powerful portfolio that is continuing to expand with the acquisition of Mount Kellett Capital Management that will continue to lead Fortress down the road of consistent expansion and delivery of powerful returns on investment for its clients. Mark is excited to bring Mount Kellett over to Fortress Investment Group and take advantage of the global reach and strong portfolio resources that will help his organization to continue to build and leverage opportunities to capitalize on specialized investment opportunities around the globe. By teaming up with Fortress Investment Group the global alternative asset investment firm, Mount Kellett has strategically aligned itself with an organization with successful investment approaches for growth and profitable returns on investment that has been the hallmark of the existence of Fortress Investment Group over the years and will continue into the future with the acquisition and partnership with Mount Kellett.