Fashion Mantras- To Do or Do Without

While fashion mantras are meant to be adhered, it’s not a cardinal sin to flout fashion and beauty rules. They are valuable suggestions and can assist us when we’re unsure, but not mandatory.

Doe Deere’s makeup line would be outright whimsical: tagged as “makeup for unicorns,” it boasts of colorful, unique, and animal cruelty-free cosmetics. She sets the trend that one can be as equally fashionable going off the tried and tested techniques as sticking to it, and she has some valuable suggestions for like- minded women.

Doe Deere recommends playing with bold and neutral palettes to arrive with a combination that is truly eclectic. Color can be a tricky thing — sometimes one can go overboard with it. You have snazzy color combinations that is beckoning, but then the fear of looking too loud interferes and something more mellow is preferred. Deere favorite combos are pink and green, peach and periwinkle, hot pink and lavender.

Combining socks with heeled shoes is so stylish, although a bit old school. Deere says that she is a sock and tights girl. She personally owns over 100 pairs of socks, and no garment feels total without it. Especially socks with a contrast toe is well liked.

Fashion rules are not meant for going overboard as far as color, personality and boldness is concerned. Although black, white, and gray create a nice backdrop for ‘unnatural’ hair, Deere loves color too much to discard it.

Deere agrees with that sentiment that one should not avoid clothes not meant for their age. True style does not adhere to a specific age group. Just because you turned 30 doesn’t translate that you need to replace your fun stuff with a more reserved set of garments (unless, of course, it’s your preference).

Deere explains that she believes that clothes are made to be enjoyed, so she seldom reserves outfits for a special occasion. If there’s a fancy sweater that she is just dying to wear, she will wear it on a regular basis. Everyone should wear whatever makes us feel special, regardless of the occasion.

The lesson? Wear whatever makes you glad, because that’s what fashion is about. Pleasure, uniqueness, and living life to the fullest.

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    Pastel hair looks great with light, breezy colors. For deeply colored hair, such as teal or violet, try more rich hues, such as Marigold yellow or red in your clothing line. It has to be what has been doing for a long time too.

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