EOS long lasting healing lip balm

EOS lip balm is ninety-five percent organic made with jojoba oil and shea butter along with many vitamins. EOS ( known as evolution of smooth) lip balm is different than other lip balms which mainly contain petroleum and theirs do not , as their main focus is to heal lips and from research petroleum does not heal as the lips cannot absorb the ingredient, refer to this article. These lip balms are made to heal peoples lips who suffer from chapped or cracked lips.

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The lip balms come in many flavors some prefer more than others depending on if people like theirs medicated or minty, or if more focus towards the fun flavors, see well.ca for more. Some flavors are more popular due to the product containing coconut milk in them. Some prefer the fun flavors of strawberry, or blueberry and acai which are more of the fruity flavors.

When you buy a lip balm from EOS it comes in a circular sphere which is very handy for women to keep in their purse or for men to keep in there pocket. The balms are not subjected to a certain gender they are made for everyone. EOS lip balms are long lasting and are certainly recommended for any type of weather and for any type of lips.