EOS Lip Balm Provides Soothing Application

Looking For Lip Balm; Who To Choose?

You can satisfy dry chapped lips with the unique healing agents found in EOS lip balm products. Their products allow your lips to heal from the threat of extremely cold or dry weather areas. Each product is packed with all-natural ingredients to moisturize and hydrate your lips with superior coverage. They help you achieve soft lips without medication like other big name competitors. Their healing agent comes from completely organic ingredients.

New EOS Lip Balm Products

Everyone will agree, chamomile has been used centuries to heal the skin. Clinically studies have shown, chamomile can repair the skin 36% more than the usual ingredients found in most products. Together, jojoba oil and sheath body butter work with the soothing agents of chamomile to deeply fortify and hydrate your skin while retaining your natural glow. Their cooling blend of menthol and chamomile work fast to heal sore or dry lips. They also use Aloe to penetrate deep down in your skin to quickly restore your lips to a youthful luster (imabeautygeek.com). Best of all, EOS products are always reasonably priced and conveniently purchased at most beauty store retailers, wherever lip balm products are sold.

As a first-time user of EOS lip balm products, I found a variety of flavors to choose from. Plus, their lip balm products were distinguishable from other lip balm products because of their unique packaging. They’ve sold millions of products without a logo as a completely vegan formula. Their products were reasonably priced an easy to open, when I got in my car prepared to use while applying it in my rearview mirror. I was able to use it out the container, it immediately provided moisture, and it was easy to store. I would recommend the new EOS chamomile blend for sensitive, dry, or chapped lips with visible signs of improvement and healing in under 14 days.