Entrepreneur and Philanthropist- Marc Sparks

Marc Sparks believes in Luke 12:48 “From whom much has been given much will required, and from the one whom much has been entrusted, even more, will be demanded.” Marc Sparks has been very hard working from a young age and was determined to achieve all her goals. He is an entrepreneur and a philanthropist.

Marc Sparks was born in 1960, and was raised in Cleveland. Marc graduated from High School in 1975 in Austin, Texas. Since his graduation he had a passion for engaging in business, and he has been a principal of several startups some have been very successful while others have failed. Marc has had a vast experience in the entrepreneur world with more than 34 years of experience.

Marc Sparks is also a mentor who gives advice to entrepreneurs as well as investors through his books so that they can learn from his experience. Marc is a believer and he believes that God gives us challenges and overwhelming situations to help us know the responsibilities that come with success to keep us humble.

Marc Sparks believes only by God’s grace that he is able to do the things he does even without formal training; he trusts he was born with a keen character. His love is build organizations from Ideas others think it’s impossible.

He is the establisher of Timber Creek Capital LP. Marc’s mission is not only to expand his company but also to develop both long-term and short-term growth. Marc is an author and has written several books including “They Can’t Eat You” which is his failure and success story. Marc believes that people will learn more of his failure than his success.

He is so determined and passionate about what he does and does not fear failure; he knows God gave him a unique shut-off valve to disregard the fear factor. To succeed he believes one must have speed, faith, tenacity, passion, monetization and above all one must be focused.

Marc is not only an entrepreneur, but he has a deep love for the community and helping the less fortune. He is a supporter of the Samaritan Inn an organization that helps the homeless in Texas. Since its foundation, the organization has been housing more than 160 people a night with an average stay of five months.

Samaritan Inn also provides counseling, education, health support, financial aid, and family services. He is so passionate about life and his love for humanity has given him the opportunity to also support Habitat for Humanity, where they have built dozens of homes for the homeless. His great passion is to break poverty in the society.